Upland hunting boot recommendations

I’m looking for a new pair of hunting boots to wear pheasant hunting. As I get older, comfortable boots are becoming a priority

Danner Recurve. Really any boot by Danner is good.


Irish Setters are classics. Russell Moccasins are higher end but custom for your feet. I have custom boots of s different style and brand but custom is all I’ll do going forward. Worth few extra dollars imo

Filson is another solid boot. I wore a pair for 10+ years. I’ve heard good things about Gokey but zero experience with them

Cool thanks. It’s amazing how my feet and legs ache now after a day in the field. Getting old sucks

Danner and Redwings are the only boots I will use for hunting and especially for work.

Its an investment into your body.

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I know we all have budgets but really look into custom boots. There are a lot of really good American made options. Each foot will be exactly the way it should be. The quality will be substantial. And they can be rebuilt, extending the life.

Until I bought custom I didn’t realize how much of a difference it made. I actually went down 1/2 size but to EE width. And my right has higher arch so it’s slightly different than my left

You’re on your feet a lot. We spend so much on guns, gear, and toys but few things make or break a day like shoddy boots

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