UPN dropping SmackDown!

In a report just breaking courtesy of Susan Young and InsideBayArea.com, it has been learned that UPN will not be renewing the contract for WWE Smackdown when it is up next year.

That was in keeping with the news that UPN is going for respectability in the future, and in that future there's no room for senseless degrading of the Amish or for smackdowns.

That's right. There's only one year left on the contract for World Wrestling Federation's "Smackdown!" and the network has decided to let it go.

"It still makes us a decent amount of money," says Leslie Moonves, co-president and co-chief operating office for Viacom, which owns both CBS and UPN. "When you think about the powerhouses of CBS and NBC on Thursday night, it's great counter-programming. (But) it doesn't fit into the overall (programming) strategy."

More on this developing story will be available as it comes in, but right now this can not possibly be a good sign for the WWE and it makes you wonder what will happen to the Smackdown Brand if no network is willing to take the show.
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As usual with the Internet there's really no 'story' here. SD is one of the few profitable shows UPN has and any talk about it 'not fitting it's branding strategy' is nothing more than a negotiating ploy to reduce the rights fee payoffs. Come contract renewal time 19 MONTHS FROM NOW execs will seriously look at the numbers, see it's one of the few shows that actually make money for them, compare it with the other shows that flop over over that period of time and you'll be hearing a much different story.

Truth be told UPN loses very existence is on the bubble and Viacom could shut them down at any moment. Dropping something that actually helps the bottom line when so much of the programming puts it in the red wouldn't sit very well with it's parent company.

Yet worse case scenario, if NINETEEN MONTHS FROM NOW a deal couldn't be reached with UPN, Smackdown would have absolutely no problem finding a home on any number of major cable stations. With the numbers the show consistently puts up it'll be around as long as WWE wants it to.

HAHAHAHA!!!! SWEET post by McCanday!!

From Wrestling Observer

"Smackdown hasn't been canceled. Both UPN and WWE sources have said any decisions have been made that it won't be renewed when the current contract expires are false. This "story" was one reporter a week ago misinterpreting something. The story, which would have been heavily reported within the TV industry if true and well known immediately within wrestling circles, was from from several days ago, passed along on the net over the past two days, nearly a week after it was originally published. It was then repeated without being checked."

I've said this before but it's worth repeating. With the exception of Dave Meltzer, take 'wrestling jounalists' and their 'stories' with a grain of salt.

For a funny piece of backtracking read this:

Courtesy of pwtorch.com

" The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer is reporting that Smackdown is not cancelled and that the reporter from the newspaper misinterpretted a statement from Viacom president Leslie Moonves.

PWTorch.com, though, independently contacted an informed WWE source who confirmed Viacom's expressed intent to discontinue Smackdown. "No surprise on our end," says the source regarding Moonves's comments. "It could be a little bit of posturing regarding negotiations since Smackdown is their no. 1 show and networks don't normally want to cancel their top rated vehicles."

While saying Smackdown has been "officially cancelled" may indeed be premature, there is no misinterpreting the comments of the man in charge of UPN saying that Smackdown "doesn't fit into the overall programming strategy" for the network which logically means there isn't intent to continue with the show beyond its current contract.

The story, though, has not been picked up any of the TV trade journals at this point and WWE has not released any statements officially regarding the matter, so there is ambiguity regarding the situation. As stated hours ago in the "VIP Keller Audio Update," with more than a year left before a final decision will have to be made regarding Smackdown's future, it is too soon to fully interpret the actual ramifications of Moonves's position."

LOL. That's called talking out of both sides, saying nothing and still trying to cash in on it! Some things never change.

the only time i watch UPN is for smackdown.....

Once again, McCanday has powerbombed the correct through the table.

Great response by McCanday. You da man.

When were Amish degraded?