Ups and downs

I just hurt myself playing footy and now I have some time to reflect on my last month or so of training. I think it's pretty safe to say that over the last month or so I have been performing at my worst in quite some time. I get subbed by people who usually can't sub me, I lose postion when I shouldn't, I'm in kind of a rut.

This has led me to think, what about the pros? with the level of competition out there, even a minor drop in form can result in you getting your arse handed to you by someone that you could overcome at another really makes me reconsider how people come back from a loss. People like Chuck, BJ, Randy, Mino etc seem to lose and then go away and redefine themselves only to return much better, although comparing myself to them is laughable, their examples give me hope that I will train myself out of this hole and improve.

It's weird though, although training has been going badly, other areas of my life are on the move, my studies are improving, I'm lining up a new job, happy with the girl etc. It makes you realise that its just a damm sport (albeit the best damm one!) and that life goes on when things dont go your way...

Anyway, any suggestions on how to pull yourself out of these bad patches in training?

See, all that good stuff in your life...that right there's your problem. You need way more pent up rage. Right before I head to jiu-jitsu I imagine Fred Durst stealing my girlfriend.

hmmmm rage...but I'm kinda happy go lucky. Aren't guys like Genki, Saku and Carlos like that??

not really. i heard that when rickson was closing his eyes like that he was doing the same thing.