UPS Lost My Atama Godl Weave!!!!!!

What is worse is they show it as being delivered. Was shipped to the office I work in and they show that it was delivered and signed for, but the receptionist had no packages addressed to me. She logged in 21 packeages today (verified the number with UPS) and checked all 21, my gi is not there. All UPS will tell me is. well we show that it has been delivered and signed for and the driver has verified it is not on his truck. SO basically I am screwed out of about $90. This was my wife's Christmas present to me to boot. Earlier this week UPS destroyed the box she sent to her mother, 90% of the contents were lost. Right now I would really like to throttle someone in a brown uniform.

Any suggestions guys?

Next time you should address packages to your house. Even though no one might be home to pick it up, atleast u can go to a pickup center to get it. This is way better than USPS where they leave packages on your doorstep. I always get paranoid someone is going to take my stuff because the mail man just leaves stuff at my door.

As for getting retribution... put on ur Gi and wait for the UPS guy comes and ... FLYING ARMBAR his ASS@!!! just kidding...

Generally I get stuff quicker having it shipped to my work, and it is very safe, I have known the receptionist for years. SHe is trustworthy and does her job well. The UPS help line was a freakin joke. We show that it was delivered. Really, well it's not here. We show 21 packages and that yours was one of them. Well we checked all 21 and it is not here. Oh well, you can call and have a tracer put on it, but the tracer depends on our tracking system and we show it was delivered. Sorry.

That is almost word for word the conversation I had.

Flying guillotine his ass instead. I'm ordering a gold weave this week too, this shit better not happen to me either.

Unless it magically appears topmorrow or something, I'm screwed, I guess. See what brown can do for you **bends over and grabs ankles.

Ask your receptionist if she studies jiu jitsu. j/k that sucks man. Hopefully your wife paid by credit card so you could dispute the charges.

Does your receptionist keep a receiving log? If so, your records may proove them wrong. Or, can you account for the 21 pkgs. a different way? Does anyone count to know if you received 20 pkgs instead of 21?

There is a chance it will show tommorow. Our driver has left pkgs. on the truck before and brought them the next day even though they were officially delivered already.

Good luck.

keeps a log and accounted for all 21 packages. UPS help line said they talked to driver personally and he verified it is not on his truck. Paid by visa check card, guess we can try to dispute the charges, but that would mean Atama taking the hit, right? That is not right either as I know they shipped it.

you should be able to verify the signature, if it is signed by some other muppet then how can you be held accountable?

keep elevating the issue and pestering them - ask for managers etc. an Atama is worth being a nuisnace about!

Well, came in went over the log and went thru all the packages still in the receptionists area. It is not here. UPS customer service has been about as useless as tits on a boar hog. What really sucks the most is that, due to some unforeseen things, the ol' Christmas budget was tight this year. So it won't be re-ordered. Right now I really freakin' hate UPS. I was on the phone with them no less than 6 times yesterday, each time I got the same exact thing. Sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks.

so was your package 21 of 21 or 22 of 22? If you accounted for all 21 packages then you should check those packages and numbers with what the driver said he dropped off...that sucks! Good luck!

I agree with having it dropped off at your home.

I track most packages I order to the airport here and then just call and tell them to hold it so I can pick it up.

Hope you find your package...

Same thing happened to me last year. I bought a gi for my 6 year old daughter from Atama and UPS said they delivered, yet, I didn't receive anything. I called and talked to their manager at the hub. The very next day they delivered it personally to my work. They were very apologetic about the whole situation. Just wait another day, maybe it will come. It sucks to be inconvenienced.

Hey, I did want to say thanks to Eric. Took time to answer all my questions abotu fit and sizing. Very helpful, quick responses. Was quick to provide tracking information when it was sent, and this morning got me additional info that I requested in my attempt to locate my gi. Seems to be a great guy with great service.

How did you get the number for the hub? Only thing I can find is the stinking 800 number, and they are beyond useless right now.

They told me they checked personally with the driver, and it was not left on his truck.

Well, here's hoping that it shows up today. I honestly wouldn't be ticked as long as it did show up. I would be greatly relieved. I think one reason I am upset is that they act like I am trying to pull something on them.

Never use UPS! UPS delivered my girlfriends brand new laptop, not only a day late, but also accepted the signature of a complete stranger in my building! Luckily, that stranger wasn't a thief, but seriously, wtf??!!

ask them who signed for and and have them produce the signature

I used to have dope delivered to me via UPS, but one day I noticed tape on my package. Someone cut it open stole my dope and taped up the package. Shipping UPS is like an invite for your shit to get stolen.

good luck

You should be able to find UPS hub contact info in your local phonebook. My roommate used to work at UPS, there are plenty of stories of people getting pissed and taking it out on the packages...