Upset about the deaths of the 4 Marines....

Hits close to home as my brother is an 03-11 turned recruiter as of last year, used to PT with one of the young Marines killed yesterday, LCPL Skip Wells @ RSS Kennesaw here in Georgia.

Got the whole weekend off and haven't drank in a long time, think I may need one.

To all you vets and active alike, since saying"Stay Safe" means jackshit right now, protect yourselves and remember the fallen.




Was this guy an ISIS nutjob?

newflowerfeeder - Was this guy an ISIS nutjob?

I have no clue. I can confirm that he was a human piece of fucking shit.

Not sure if it's ISIS but apparently he recently spent 7 months in Jordan and Yemen.

Anyone that believes the quran and proclaims death of non believers is a ISIS nutjob. Its not like you have to have some ceremonial induction to be a member of that group. Its anyone who believes their rhetoric.

well no matter what the shooter believed....RIP Marines :-(

RIP brothers


Don't let it fuck you up Sully. Phone Post 3.0

MountainMedic - RIP

Don't let it fuck you up Sully. Phone Post 3.0


I'm good just a little pissed. My brother is taking it harder than me.....

I'll UG/OG it the rest of the day.

Rocksteady bro.