Upsets Bound to happen in MMA...

In MMA if you get clocked with a sweet punch it's good night. In the fight game...especially MMA, no man that breathes air is invincible. Couple that with small 4 ounch gloves & that equals a recipe for a KO. Let's go into more detail:

Lennox Lewis vs Rahman = Lewis drops his guard, Rahman throws an overhand right & Lennox needs his pillow & blanket.

Cro Cop vs Randelman = CroCop hesitates during a high kick, Roidelman leaps in with a left hook & CroCop suddenly doesn't know is ass from his elbow.

GSP vs Serra = Serra connects with a sweet strike & down went the half french Karate Kid.

In all 3 fights no-one gave the underdogs a prayer but they KO'd the favourites. This has happened before & it will happen again. In MMA if you have a lose it doesn't mean that you are bad. These things do happen. It takes the warriors spirit to shrug off a loss & come back better than before. Sometimes getting KTFO brings your ego back down to earth & it helps you train harder than ever before.

Getting KO'd by a great punch is nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to the best of them. It doesn't suddenly mean that the underdog is the top dog & it doesn't mean that the top dog is rubbish, shot or spent. In this sport anything is possible... Crazy shit is gonna happen... Unpredictablity is the name of the game...Look @ Randy vs Tim; Look at big Nog getting pummeled by CroCop & then submitting his ass. That is what makes MMA really different to most sports because the underdog can win at any moment of the match, sometimes in spectacular fashion too.

Where's my money?