Upstanding Citizen In Subway Takes A dump In A Mop Bucket!


I mean, good luck finding a bathroom open in any of the main lines these days. I get it

We’ve all been there.

Hell I had to pee onto the tracks of the A train a couple months ago. Waiting till Brooklyn wasn’t gonna happen.

Better than shitting right in the hallway … right?

God I hate cities and hobos.



Bidens America!

Ford and Carter’s America:

Biden will clean it up.

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That’s the classic attitude right there…“Yeah I’m shitting in your mop water, don’t fuck with me or I’ll get violent.”

These are the people democrats care about and defend over all you regular and upstanding citizens.


This guy will get free housing when this goes viral. Taxpayers should be proud of Bidens America. Such nice poeple.

I suppose the alternative is he shits on the floor, and that guy has to mop it up.

So in hobo logic, he was doing the guy a favor.


Part and parcel of living in a Democrat run part of the country.

Subway…eat fresh