upstate ny mma vrs New england mma

im from near albany. And around here people let politics of the different schools come between us.There are a lot of hard feelings between schools and people training at other schools.Im accepted most places but i dont really have a black belt affiliation. Im not saying we are all bashing each other but in most of New England there almost like family and im jelous of there commardery and would like it if we were more like them.I get along with everyone and i would like to make an effort in making upstate jitz/MMA a more brotherlike atmosphere by having a small tourney im at 518 312 6550 if anyone has suggestions as for a venue contact me also if anyone can help let me know.Ill be posting on this thread all the latest info that i gather and im going to put this together if it is in my basement with two of my friends or if a couple hundred people get together and were at a perfect venue.stay in touch

i dont know victor. But mention this to him or give me contact info


jerry. you're best bet is just to move to Mass.

I am sorry you feel that way about the politics. But really, to some extent its like that everywhere. Some of it justified, some not. There are enough schools upstate to host a small tourney, and with proper marketing maybe even an medium sized one. Some highschools in the area might be able to rent out gyms. The armoury center on central ave might be usable also. Renting/purchasing and finding enough mats to use would also be another big issue.
Victor is an exellent brown belt under Maguilla. He runs a lowkey school that has an exellent training atmosphere. I trained with him for about six years. If I still lived in Albany, I would still train with him. His website is I don't think he would be intrested in hosting a tournament, but he runs a quality program.

threedegreez email me

Damn. When someone has to point to us Massholes as role models in getting along, things have GOT to be rough!!?! For the record, Jerry is an honorary Masshole in my eyes :-)



I'll be back in Mass in about a week (I've been out of town for most of last month-and-a-half). If you are serious I'll help out. I'm obviously not from upsate NY but I'm only about an hour outside of Albany (so I might be local enough to lend a helping hand).

In the spirit of creating commaraderie (sp?) we can have an after party at DiCarlos, or something like that. I might even be able to get a little corporate sponsorship cash flow going to do a bit of an open-bar; maybe a cookout if we could find a place.

Or are those just stupid ideas?


P.S. Are you teaching at LA Boxing?

yes allen there is never anything stupid that comes out your got deep pockets so everything you say is me when you get a chance.I had a couple of other things i was thinking and i cant beleive i dident think of you. And there is a shitload of schools opening all the time up here jitz has caught on and everyone is doing it.There is a new school opening in saratoga that looks sick.and there bringing in nolan dutcher to is close to chad battey's school i hope that dont cause more problems.I meet the owner of the new school and he is very serious about this being legit and I spoke to Chad and he was pretty cool as well and he is a blackbelt.and if allen does a spell check on this one also he will probably find a few.Keep them coming.Also if your interested in competing or know someone that is give them my contact info and lets make this happen

ive heard a few thing so far but nothing concrete when it gets there ill post it. come on TTT this post if you are interested in competing when i set a date