Urban Liar


Whether you believe he's a legend in the making or a liar, Urban Meyer stokes passions on all sides. Legend advocates will cite his second year National Championship and a sophomore Heisman Trophy winner. Liar advocates are lining up against Meyer as stories continue to build just as bridges linking Meyer to other coaches continue to burn. Consider these recent stories from other sites and sources on Meyer's recruiting tactics. It's unlikely the following schools have Meyer on their Christmas card list.

* LSU: Florida was ready to take all-star corner Patrick Johnson with what they thought was a bogus test score, but he committed to LSU. How did Florida respond? "Florida flagged my scores," Johnson said. "They called the compliance office." "I'm not upset," Johnson said. "Florida made an issue about the ACT score. They're cowards. They had to go behind my back. But that's OK. We play them this year (on Oct. 11 at Florida)."

* FSU (This was posted on noledigest.com:) "While Gator fans will sit and give excuses or spin the details of what is going on, there is no denying that it seems like the UF staff flat out lies to these kids. Here is a quote from Trent Pupello (a player they initially compared to Jeremy Shockey), who is looking to leave the program this year: "Coach (Steve) Addazio (UF tight ends coach) told me to work on my speed," Pupello said. "He didn't say that my speed was slow or anything. He just said that everything (at this level) is faster. I need to work on speed and getting stronger, which is pretty much what we all need to work on. He said that they need me at tight end, that I’ll have an early chance to play and that all of the tight ends will play on the special teams.

* Michigan Site(on the recruitment of Daryl Stonum:) "The University of Florida stayed on the four star pass-catcher well all the way through. Things crescendoed recently after a conversation with Urban Meyer. According to Stonum, Meyer had a compelling reason why he should become a Gator. "He told me that he talked to Coach Carr and Coach Soup and that they told him that I would be a much better fit in the Florida offense than I would be in the one at Michigan," Stonum recalled. "I thought, wow, my coaches are selling me out.? I confronted them about it. I asked Coach Carr and Coach Soup about it and they said they never talked to that guy and that there was no way they ever said anything like that and that they think I should be a Wolverine. I believed them. Right then, I knew just how Florida rolled.?"

* Just Funny: You can't tell the story about Jevan Snead enough (recounted in the book MeatMarket:) "Funniest thing I read in it concerned what Urban Meyer told Jevan Snead. Snead had watched outside the lines special on Tebow in which it showed Meyer and OC Dan Mullen in the stands. Problem was, Meyer had told Snead, committed at the time, that he was the only quarterback they were going after. When Snead asked Meyer about it, Meyer responded, "We are recruiting him for linebacker." I had heard that before, but got a big kick out of reading it in the book straight from Snead."

* More LSU From Fox 26 in Houston: Hempstead's Terrance Toliver, one of the nation's top high school football recruits, says negative recruiting tactics by the University of Florida first had him confused and bewildered. But in an unusual move, two Hempstead High School employees went above and beyond the call of duty to help Toliver make the biggest decision of his life. After a vigorous early recruiting rush, it came down to LSU and Florida for Toliver, considered by many the No. 1 high school recruit in Texas and the best wide receiver in the nation. He ended up signing a letter-of-intent with LSU on National Signing Day Wednesday. But not before Florida coaches took several shots at LSU, leaving Toliver unsure what to do next. "Every time (Florida recruiters) came, they just said LSU doesn't qualify their players," Toliver told FOX 26's Mark Berman Wednesday. "About (how) their academics are not all that. "It kind of had me confused." Eventually a bewildered Toliver asked his football coach Rick Sargent and Hempstead instructional coordinator Tina Johnson to go to Baton Rouge to find out the truth about LSU. The two went last weekend. "They went and checked (LSU'S) academics out and their facilities," Toliver said. "They just came back and told me whatever Florida was saying about the academics wasn't true."

* Notre Dame Blog: When Meyer recruited Justin Trattou he did so by the cover of night. Not that it's illegal, but he told Trattou not to tell anyone he was talking with Florida. Keep in mind that Trattou was committed to Notre Dame at the time. Amongst other things, coach Meyer talked to Trattou about how the 3-4 defense was not a good fit for him and his football future (read: NFL – which is garbage – the Cowboys, Patriots, and Chargers all use the 3-4), while former Gators assistant coach Greg Mattison's favorite topics about Notre Dame (with several recruits) despite his previous love for the school was how the weather sucked and the social life suffered. Case in point no. 2, Omar Hunter, same deal as before, and Omar was snookered into to lying to everyone from Notre Dame coaches, players, and likely even his parents, especially his father, who wanted him at Notre Dame due to the academics, that he was not talking to other schools, when in fact he was – Florida included – while being a Notre Dame commitment. In the end, Hunter was a fraud himself, but he was not the one who was truly taken for a ride. Coach Mattison recruited Hunter. He had an ax to grind with Notre Dame after leaving South Bend on not so good of terms, and he definitely took it to another level with Hunter. Mattison, you see, had an assistant coaching job lined up with the Baltimore Ravens long before this past National Signing Day came around. So when Hunter switched his commitment to UF after initially deciding to attend Notre Dame, Mattison and Meyer did what came naturally. They lied to Hunter about the entire situation telling Hunter Mattison was not leaving Gainesville. Just by complete and total coincidence Mattison ended up taking a job with the Ravens right after National Signing Day. Shocking! And oh yes, Notre Dame assistant coach Bill Lewis, who recently retired as a football coach, told Hunter of what was about to happen. Hunter did not listen and signed with the Gators.

Urban continues to build the best talent base not located in Southern California. Success certainly breeds enemies, but so does recruiting. Urban Legend or Urban Liar?

Most successful coaches tell recruits what they want to hear.

CFB is shady all around.

Look at the WVU/UofM RRod thing...that's all fucked up.

"Most successful coaches tell recruits what they want to hear."

True, but Meyer crosses the line. Eventually it will backfire on him.

Lying is in the CFB Head Coach's job description. All of them lie. Some with varying degrees of creativity.

Mattison is correct about ND weather sucking and social life sucking, at least compared with UF. ND girls do not even compare with UF girls.

"Mattison is correct about ND weather sucking and social life sucking, at least compared with UF. ND girls do not even compare with UF girls."

Well that could be said with just about every school up north. It's no mystery that southern women look better.... Whats truly sad about all this is that Urban and Mattison, who both owe a lot to ND for launching their coaching careers, have to use negative recruiting tactics in order to get a recruit.

The Gators were never in contention with Patrick Johnson. He was the Canes' recruit to lose.

Patrick Johnson is probably the most significant out-of-state recruit for LSU because this proves that LSU can compete with anybody in their own backyard.

All coaches in college football lie or misrepresent the facts.

In the big10, MSU and OSU have decent looking girls.
Both way better than ND.

If you're comparing in the North only, ND's girls are better than that of Purdue or Northwestern. That's about it. It's a total wasteland.

The man is nothing if not consistent. Normally I don't even get fazed anymore by his poaching attempts, but this article made me do a double take.

Mike Farrell Recruiting Analyst

When Florida plays host to Miami on Saturday, look for a few big-time committed players to be on hand for unofficial visits.Miami Palmetto running back Jaamal Berry might have committed to Ohio State a few days ago, but sources say that his pledge to the Buckeyes is anything but solid. Berry, the No. 6 running back in the country, will be taking an unofficial visit to Gainesville this weekend, and word has it that his final decision likely won't be made for a while.

Pensacola (Fla.) Escambia five-star tailback Trent Richardson also is expected on an unofficial visit, although Richardson – a soft commitment to Alabama– hasn't followed through on his plans to attend events at other places. It will be interesting to see if Richardson actually makes the trip, as the Gators are pushing hard to land at least one marquee back in this class.

Yet another top-rated running back already committed is expected, too. Cross City (Fla.) Dixie County star Rodney Scott, a soft Auburn commitment, doesn't have an offer from the Gators but could have one following his visit. Cross City is about 45 minutes west of Gainesville.

Wide receivers Jamal Patterson and Rantavious Wooten also are expected to attend. Patterson, a four-star prospect from McDonough (Ga.) Henry County, committed to Stanford last week; Wooten, a four-star prospect from Belle Glade (Fla.) Glades Central, committed to LSU last Friday. Patterson is the less likely of the two to change his mind, as Wooten's commitment to LSU was a bit unexpected. As I wrote last week, the LSU staff wasn't even sure if it wanted to take Wooten with Sanford (Fla.) Seminole wide receiver Andre Debose still out there. It's unclear if LSU will continue to press for Debose with the nation's No. 1 wide receiver, Bastrop (La.) High's Rueben Randle, clearly the program's top target and Wooten and Kenny Bell already committed. Florida offered Wooten recently and certainly can't be counted out of this battle.

Two others who could make the trip are defensive end Ed Stinson from Homestead (Fla.) South Dade and defensive tackle Curtis Porter from Charlotte (N.C.) Victory Christian. Stinson has committed to Florida State, but as I mentioned a few weeks ago, he plans to take at least one other official visit, perhaps to LSU, and possibly other official or unofficial trips. And Porter, who has committed to Miami, was high on Florida's board before his decision and could make the trip with his good friend, Gastonia (N.C.) Ashbrook wide receiver Jheranie Boyd.

Finally, Ocala (Fla.) Trinity Catholic quarterback Rob Henry, a Purdue commitment, is expected although he doesn't have a Florida offer. The Gators likely are looking at Henry as an option only if four-star quarterback Jordan Reed doesn't qualify. Reed committed to the Gators in early August.

Under Urban Meyer, the Gators have become known for turning committed players, so expect at least one or two of the above to be playing their college ball in Gainesville. This weekend will be the start of that process – unless Hurricane Hanna gets in the way.

I think Nick Saban is the worst and sleaziest.

Every year he offers more players than he has scholarships, knowing that he's going to cut a few players to make room. He doesn't actually 'cut' them because that's against the rules. He just makes it obvious they will never play a down and strongly encourages a transfer or "medical" scholarship.

This is all part of the game. Recruits take visits even though they have already committed to a school, and schools are happy to host them on the hope that recruits change their mind. Texas hosted Xavier Lee even though Lee had already committed to FSU. Florida hosted Willie Williams even though Williams had already committed to Miami.