Attention: Female Fighters (Canadian) at 120 lbs.

King of the Cage is looking for female fighters (1) for July 15, 2006 in Vancouver BC. This card is going to be a TSN Prime Time 2 hour Special.

We are interested in poissible crowning a female Canadian Champion on this card if we can find a suitable opponent for Rebecca Sweeney (Kingston).

Please let me know ASAP @ keith@kingofthecage.ca

Thanks for your help
Keith Crawford
King of the Cage

I got Angela Wilson

Hi Keith,

It is about time that the female matches are coming to Canada.

A little heavier and I would be interested... (At almost 49 I would put on one hell of a show!)

At 120-125, even though we haven't been friends, I agree with "samzakula," Angela and Rebecca would be a great fight!

Angela deserves this kind of exposure. She was there early. It bothers me that a lot of Canadian female fighters are getting exposure now and they don't seem to recognize the Canadian women who opened all the doors. In the early days it started with Zee, Monique (I think that is her name. She was from Montreal), Myra, Olga, Angela and me. We all stepped up and fought on the American scene.

(By the way Angela has a great following in the states and internationally. We all do, but you would never know it by the amount of Canadian press we get.)


Angela is a great fighter.

We may not be friends..

But I respect her!

Tanya Vlahac

Speaking of Olga, the last I heard she was moving back
to T.O. from California, does anyone know if she made
it back here? I haven't seen her here or heard
anything of her in awhile. I expected if she was back
here she'd be big on the grappling scene.

get angela in there, that girl is awesome


Thanks very much for your input. It is nice to see that the respect carried by MMA athletes goes to both genders. We are excited about the female division after our fight with Rebecca and Thricia Poovey. It will be on TSN soon.....but it was amazing!! The crowd went nuts!!

Thanks again for your comments.

Keith Crawford
Keith of the Cage