Urgent matter concerning CRE

how do you pronounce CRE?

is it "Creee?"
or is it "Cray?"

i've been wondering this for years.

i'm a fan btw......

Gay Phone Post 3.0


hmmmmm.......cuh-reh-ei - i like your style

its pronounced queer

I remember this thread before and iirc its cree. I always say it cray in my head though even though I know this. Phone Post 3.0

I always thought it was cree Phone Post 3.0

You know how I know you're Cre?
The shit stains in the front of your underwear. Phone Post 3.0

It's pronounced "supercalafragilisticexpealadocious" Phone Post 3.0

I pronounce it "Fuck lemme change my bet".

i need CRE's confirmation on the matter

It's a nickname from his youth, a younger sibling had difficulty saying his full name of Christopher.


It's prononced Troll

it's pronounced dicktuck