Uriah Hall destined for greatness or...?

He was pretty impressive tonight.

He's a bit strange though. Seems like he could be HUGE contender one day but at the same time there's some significant mental or emotional problem that is plaguing him. He didn't look comfortable at the weigh in's IMO, and he didn't even seem comfortable with victory tonight. Looked super anxious, but I guess that might be because he wanted a big finish instead of what happened.

What do you think about Uriah's future in the UFC?

He didn't look happy or excited. I don't think he likes fighting. Huge potential but I don't see him fulfilling it. He seemed down almost at the end of the fight. Phone Post 3.0

I think you summed up Hall quite well.

He has significant physical and athletic potential, but he doesn't really seem to have the mindset of a fighter.

IMO Hall lacks the killer instinct and would most likely break under adversity.


Just watched this, still has that look in his eyes. I think the whole lack of killer instinct thing is probably true with Hall. Would be interesting to see if he can overcome it.

As long as they keep him away from wrestlers

extremely talented and athletic, but too much of a nice guy.

He didn't show anything last night that would make it seem like his mentality or fight game has changed. He circled away the entire time as Leben plodded at him like a wounded elephant. If you come straight at Hall, you're going to get KO'd. If you stand in the middle of the octagon, put two feet in the center, you are going to beat Hall 9/10 as he fails to engage. If you cut him off and batter him with leg kicks, he's still going to wilt and back off. John Howard would win a rematch the exact same way if they fought today.

Did you see Hall's expression at the stoppage? He doesn't fight to win... He really ought to be a youth counselor or something similar in a place where he can help other young men. I just don't think fighting is for him. It's not a knock, probably have a longer, happier life without getting punched in the head for the next ten years.

He's got the Bader problem: best in the world talent in the gym, wilts under the bright lights.

I don't think he likes to get hit. Looks great fighting guys who aren't on his athletic level, when he can pick them apart. YOu could see how hesitant he was to even engage a guy like Leben for fear of getting hit. If he fights guys on his athletic plane like machida, belfort, souza, rockhold, etc., he will get destroyed, imo.