Uriah Hall: I don't really need the pressure

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                                Uriah Hall: I don't really need the pressure

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                    <p>There is a common phenomenon of fighters doing extraordinary well in MMA outside of the UFC, and then faltering when they finally enter the Octagon. Uriah Hall had a similar experience, as 'The TUF Beast' hospitalized a string of fighters on TUF, but came up short his first big show, losing a split decision to Kelvin Gastelum in the widely broadcast finals.</p>

Hall left his old camp and is now training at Mark Munoz’s Reign Training Facility with Jake Ellenberger, Chael Sonnen, Munoz, and others.

Saturday, August 17, at UFC Fight Night in Boston, Hall fights hometown favorite John “Doomsday” Howard in a match with huge consequences - a dominating win will restore talk of the frightening 'TUF Beast'. A loss, and he may be heading to Karam Gaber town.

“It’s not really motivating, it’s just pressure, and that is something I don’t really need,” said Hall. “I don’t focus on that because it will just distract me and take me out of my element. I just need to focus on myself as a fighter and improve overall.

“I absolutely think this next chapter is where it starts in Boston. I’m coming off the fight with Kelvin, a lot of people had their opinions and views, but that happens with every fight. You take what happens and you learn from it. I feel I have improved drastically since then and I can’t wait to get to the next level, where I can put what I’ve learned on display.”

“What matters most to me as a fighter and as a man is improving on a daily basis. Whether it’s in the martial arts world or as a man, and I learned a lot about that from being on the show with Chael. Being in that TUF environment taught me to step out of my comfort zone, and when I choose to do that, it makes me improve, because when you are used to something so much, it’s hard to see things from the outside. I love to think outside the box and I’m looking to get better overall, as an individual and as a fighter, and that is what I’m focused on right now. If I keep doing that, there is only way to travel. That is up and that is the direction I’m going.”

“I’m very excited going into this fight. I know for John, he’s getting a chance to get back into the UFC, and he’s also fighting in front of his hometown. It’s a big plus for him, but I’m not going to let that bother me. I’m excited about this and I’m ready to go out there and put on a show.

“I know John is a strong fighter and he’s going to come forward. He’s coming in there to bang and I’m a very technical fighter. I like to pick guys apart and I don’t think John is going to beat me at all. I’m well equipped and have a lot of weapons in my arsenal. I have a lot of stuff I haven’t even displayed yet. Going into the Octagon is only going to give me an added chance to do that.

“I think my standup is going to be a plus, but you never know what is going to happen in the game. I don’t know what his game plan is going to be, and I know my game plan is about taking the fight wherever it comes. I’m ready, man. Wherever the fight goes I ‘m going to be there ready for it.

“I’m training at Reign for this fight and it is a great environment. The vibe has been perfect. I’ve been working on what I need to work on, which is my wrestling and my ground game, and just improving on the skills I already have. I’m trying to be a complete mixed martial artist."


it would make a great homecoming if Howard kod him. im interested to see if Uriah handle that type of power

"I don't wanna say what's gonna happen, but there's gonna be a knock-out and it's not gonna be me."

Such an awkward killer. Phone Post 3.0

Hope this guy gets his shit together. He sounds like he's having regrets and letting people put words into his mouth. Pressure? It was one fight. The week before he was on video walking through the streets, laughing and joking with friends. Time to deliver.

pressure SHOULD motivate you imo.

this guy needs to get his mental game figured out asap because he's just gonna keep beating himself, if not.

War John Howard Phone Post 3.0

I'm guessing by the lack of interest in this thread that the pressure is now off lol Phone Post

Uriah Hall will be fine. I have a lot of respect for Howard but lets face it,its a match made in heaven for Hall.

It is kind of surprising to me some people where unreasonable high on Hall and now completely turned the other way. I know i should perhaps not be surprised because nothing is as taciturn as human nature.

I am still reasonable high on Hall. He is by no means the next Anderson Silva and still has a long time to go if he ever really would make reasonable prospect for the title. Having said that training at Reign is the right move to make. He needs to adapt to fighters with decent to good wrestling. He definitely needs to work on his defensive wrestling and take-down defense. And lets face it he needs to trained with highly skilled fighters.

He has done all that, plus he still comes across as fair-minded and sane in my eyes.I am still a fan. Just not as big a fan as Dana would have liked me to be .