URL for JudoCanuck


Here is the URL for pictures of those winter hats for the club.



are you trying to say i have an ugly head?

Not trying at all mr. ugly-lump-lump.

Oh man, I just made myself laugh so hard my chest hurts again.

Judocanuck is gonna kick my ass. LOL!

dougie..sometimes I just have to shake my head at you.



yeah. ok.. always.. lol

That's better. I want you all to be always wondering, "What will Dougie do next?"

Kind of like the time I was faced off against Stu and suddenly dropped to my butt while he was still 5 feet away from me. Ha ha ha!

You should see some of the other ideas I have as well as new t-shirt logos and more.

The first t-shirts were ok. The next ones will be better. I'm also looking at summer hats too.