Uruguay as a Vacation Destination?

anybody been here on vacation? Is it nice or a shithole. Is food good and cheap. Are there quality whoooaaas? Is it fine. Are the beaches any good?

Is it dangerous. Are the locals assholes?

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Went there about five years ago. I went to the capital and it reminded me of what New York City would have looked like in the early 90’s, but not as big. Didn’t think it was very clean, the only hot girls you will see will be working at the airport, and the food was pretty bland. I didn’t go to Punta del Este which is supposed to be a nice beach area.

Heard you should go right next door to Buenos Aires for better food, prettier women, and overall better experience.


I’ve heard that Uruguay and Argentina are the best, safest and cleanest vacation destinations in South America for gringos.

FYI, I’m an ignorant, untraveled Californian.

Thanks bro

Go to Colombia it is epic.

Haven’t been but heard it’s pretty safe, which is important in South America lol.

I felt pretty safe in Colombia. As an American foreigner, go to Zona T if you go to Bogota which is the nicer/ritzier area. Five years ago you could spend $30 for a full meal that would cost you $150+ in the U.S.

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What’s their extradition treaty status?

Asking for a non-friend.

Chile was the safest Latin American country at least it was a few years ago. Lowest murder rate as well.

Edit: As of 2021 still the safest and lowest murder rate.

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gee i wonder why that is?

Chile has a lower homicide rate than the US. It is the only Latin American country with a lower rate than the US.



Chile is the least corrupt and historically had good immigration control. It is also more developed than most (probably all) of the other Latin American countries. Culture as well.

They also implemented economic reforms and dismantled the welfare state in the 70’s helping it become more developed than it’s neighbors.

Chile still has issues common to any other Latin American countries though with disparities and protests etc. But it is the safest and least corrupt in Latin America.

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I have been exploring being expat somewhere. I have been watching a lot of youtube videos.

I need scenery and beauty. I need good fresh food and some entertainment. I want cheap. I want a nice place to live with water view, as it soothes me. Im still contemplating this.

I need to keep my US citizenship. I need legal status in the country without spending a shitload of money.

good question