US 100kg Division

Only 4 points separate the top 4 players. It truly has been an interesting division to watch for the past 3-4 years or so. It reminds me of the Lakers vs. San Antonio, or the Pacers vs. New Jersey rivalries. What are your thoughts.

It's a little early to say it, but now that we are on course for Athens I'm wondering what will play out the next four years at 100kg.

Only 4 points may have separated the players, but Rhadi and Mike have absolutely dominated that division for the last 4 years. Fletcher, Preditis, Caracostas are all good players, but the top 2 are definitely a tier above.

I think the point spread says a bit more about the point system than the players. It only highlights the need for players to spend their efforts, time & money on the right tournaments in order to accumulate points. That's the way players have to work the system, because at the Oly trials, the #1 has a HUGE advantage, and if the competition is close, it's almost certain that #1 will win.

This year's 100kg is a case in point. If Barnes would have been #1 going in, he would have won the spot on the team (he won the brackets, but lost in the 2 out of 3)

my 2cents

The spread was also influenced by the fact that both Barnes and Rhadhi were doing injury management. A year ago the gaps were much bigger.

LJ, you'd know better than me, but I have to think if the roles were reversed in the Trials the psychology would have been different too - at least for the first match.

Now if some of the guys in 60kg had gone to their nearest E levels and picked up some half points...

Yeah, the psychology would have definitely changed. The point is that picking the right tournaments to fight at is as much a part of the strategy for making the Olympic team as your fight strategy.

That 60k Bullshit still has me fuming