US and EU just leveled sanctions against China...

Gotta give credit where it’s due and as surprised as I am, Biden deserves credit for this one. I assume this probably wouldn’t have happened if China hadn’t publically tongue lashed Blinken in Alaska a few days ago... I’ve read a few stories on this and the media is definitely framing this as if Biden picked this fight, which goes back to another thread I recently posted that the focus on anti-Asian hate is more about deflecting from criticism of China than it is a thing else.

Still this doesn’t go far enough in my option. China is literally running a genocide program and they should be made a pariah and sanctioned in every way possible to lock them out of western economies. China is on path to overtake the US and I know a lot of people take great joy at that prospect. Those people are going rue that day when they realize what an authoritarian ethnic-state being the hegemonic world power means in reality.

I think all western nations should cut China off and order all corporations out of the country. Pull the fucking rug out from under the CCP. I have a hard time imagining China could maintain their growing position without the West being a willing victim. The world, and especially every western nation, has an interest in preventing China from becoming the dominant power in the world.


Good. Fuck those asshoes.

Clearly racist.

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Ohhhhh he's a tough guy now! 

To bad it is decades to late.

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I'll also add that I agree with OP. Credit where credit is due. 

Hopefully Biden takes this stance against the Saudis and Iranians as well. Doubtful, but it'd be nice.

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Good. Glad to see Biden standing up for the US and not be against it like his voters are.

China is asshoe and Euros are starting to push back

Who gives a shit 

He better keep the trade war going

turducken -

I could listen to this clip all day.

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time to embargo china's asshoe. 

more joint exercises with aus. 

fund military spending to taiwan, s.korea, singapore, japan

regain the philipines alliance, fund nepalese defense, create more trade with india, malaysia, indonesia and thailand, and possibly vietnam.  time to invest in the rest of asia.

OMG is this more asian hate and racism?

Good on Biden. China gonna fuck around and find out about Corn Pop if they arent careful. 

Brockback Mountain - OMG is this more asian hate and racism?

i’m asian so i can say all the shit i want about asians.