US Armed Forces Pankration

The Armed Forces Pankration Invitational will be held March 19th at the 52 area Gym, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California. The tournament is open to all Military Servicemen, Active and Reserve.

The tournament will start 12:00 noon Sunday March 19th.
Weigh ins will be conducted on March 18th 4 to 7:00P.M. and March 19th at 7:30 A.M.

Pankration competition permits body strikes, take downs and submissions. Matched are conducted on a wrestling mat with two referees.

There will be an entry cap of 8 men per weight bracket (Total of 14 brackets)
Novice and Open divisions, each with 7 weigh classes:

Flyweight – 144.9 and under
Bantamweight - 145 – 155.9
Welterweight - 156 – 167.9
Middleweight - 168 – 179.9
Light Heavyweight - 180 – 192.9
Heavyweight - 193 – 208.9
Super Heavyweight – 209 and up

We will accept walk on registrations only if weight brackets not filled, so pre-register to ensure your spot.

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