US army gives taliban 700 military vehicles

So that’s how ISIS and former American interest friendly militants got their hardware…


Did Eric Holder plan this one out too? Just scratch off the VIN codes and give them to the Taliban to “trace the illegal activity”.


Go Biden go!

Jk there is zero chance he even knows what a towlie ban is

eric cartman smoking GIF by South Park


How great would it be if we left charges in all of these vehicles and we just let them load themselves like clowns in clown cars and then just blew them all up at one time???


Operation fast and furious 2: Afghan Drift


That’s the Afghan flag, not the Taliban flag on those vehicles. Taliban doesn’t typically leave the flags on

My guess is 215th ANSDF in the video

This is on Obama for not pulling out in a controlled manner after we put a bullet in bin ladens head. Trump and Biden were left with cleanup duty. Stop being stupid

Lol. Neocons should be ran out of the govt like communists were in the 50’s. They’ve miraculously come up with foreign policy that victimized regular ppl in both America and the countries the American military industrial complex has conquered simultaneously. Quite a feat

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