US embargo on Cuba has failed

For nearly 60 years, the United States has enforced an embargo against Cuba, severely restricting the flow of goods to the island. Most US companies are forbidden from dealing with Cuba, and various US laws punish foreign companies that do business in Cuba. The restrictions are meant to economically squeeze the island and create enough discontent within Cuba to force the ruling Communist Party to either significantly reform or step down.

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I would call it a success, we put a stranglehold on those communist cocksuckers and well…


Nothing like foreign intervention and forcing other nations to fail. America and the UK have forced nations under their heel and created the poor conditions they are forced to live under.


The Republic apparently is so frail that if a country was to succeed under communism no matter how small that the World would collapse.

The whole World seeing the evils of health care, education and other such things being delivered instead of the funds going towards economic sanctions would be to much.

God bless the imaginary guy in the sky that they put their trust in, to see us into a future where real handouts are only for the wealthy.


I’m always interested in hearing how people think a solution could be found.

The free wifi one has been something I really thought was interesting.

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Why you goddam commie!!! You should be embargoed for thinking such heresy!!!

Give it a little time.

Free wifi is just to instigate and promote revolution.

One just has to look at Belarus or Ukraine as the example.

I think it is rather odd that Cuba has been looking for a way out of the sanctions forever but how much can they really do beyond asking?

Heck, the US holds a chunk of the Island and uses the space as a illegal prison camp with people being held with no charges. Is it not odd that they keep sanctions against I country that they are also occupying and using as a illegal site? A illegal site in that International law doesn’t apply.

So we have a country that wants everyone to follow the law but it doesn’t have to do the same.


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This. We should not do business with commies. Same goes for China, Korea, Russia, etc.

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Russia is no longer a communist country.
Sure there are systems still in place from the era but those same things exist in the EU, Canada and other countries so is it really communist?



WTF? Are you even saying? Not a single bit of sense in this rambling mess.

A commie by any other name is a commie just the same.

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I think the sanctions should end but the US got Guantanamo bay as a reward for helping to kick the Spanish off the island. It’s leased from Cuba and the US pays them. That’s the way it goes

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good deal

The lease was $2,000 in gold per year until 1934, when the payment was set to match the value in gold in dollars; in 1974, the yearly lease was set to $4,085.

I’ve been there. It’s only value is because it’s out in bumfuck the middle of nowhere and you can keep islamists there. It served no purpose in the 90’s and the US was just keeping it to fuck with the commies that ran Cuba. It’s a dry windswept land with no significant Cuban towns nearby because the Cubans don’t want to live in that shitty dry part of the island either. I did spear a nice snapper there one time. Pretty good fishing

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Apparently since the revolution the cheques are not cashed for the lease and Cuba has wanted their day in International court. lol

Like that would ever be allowed.

I would have loved to go into Cuba but you’re not allowed to leave the base and all of the workers on the base are Jamaican or phillipino. It doesn’t feel like Cuba whatsoever

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I have only ever been to Cuba once to visit a band I knew.
It was nice if you stayed in the hotels for tourists. Outside of those areas it seemed like every other poor Latin country I had been in.

The argument is that Cuba never gave up sovereignty of the place, it was a lease. Which legally means they can end the lease. Especially since the US dropped the gold standard.

Correct but the US has legitimate complaints against the Cuban govt though too, when the communists took over and confiscated American property and never compensated anyone for it. There’s a long history of trying to fuck each other. The US is just a little better at it

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