US evicts Chinese consulate in Houston

They have been given 72 hours to leave. Bins of documents seen being burned outside.


The United States ordered China to close its diplomatic consulate in Houston, the Chinese foreign ministry said on Wednesday, dealing another blow to the rapidly deteriorating relations between the two countries.

In the hours after the Trump administration notified the Chinese of its decision, smoke was seen billowing from a courtyard inside the consulate as employees dumped what appeared to be documents into flaming barrels, according to a video posted by KPRC-TV, a local television station.

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But we let them burn all there stuff up?

PeoriaBJJ -

But we let them burn all there stuff up?

If we expect our embassies to be respected as sovereign land, we have to let them process their documents.  Going in would be tantamount to an act of war and they would have the international community on their side.