US may keep troops in Syria to guard the oil

Protect our interests. 

Ill Portents -
Erik Apple - 

Good. I dont wanna pay more for gas

Liberal maniac Gavin Newsome already made it expensive enough

Pull all the troops out, fuck our allies, fuck the region, fuck warmongers.

....oh wait my gas price? Send in more troops!


Orcus Schiff!

PwnedCakes - Good. But wait wait wait. The "resurgent Islamic State"?!?!? Why in the HELL haven't those fucking scums been all killed or imprisoned? The burned a guy ALIVE for fucks sakes. ALIVE. And that is just a drop of the bucket...

The Kurds had shit loads of ISIS prisoners. Pretty sure they don't anymore. 

Just shows the whole thing was a sham if they're releasing isis... they'd never do that if they were a legit threat