US Navy Gender Pronoun Training

How about you fuck off and stop sympathizing with Russia, buddy

How can I not have sympathy for a country that’s getting so fucking wrecked, according to you.

Do you support Russia, yes or no?

I support neither - not my fight. However, I do not think Russia is getting “destroyed and dismantled.”

Hmm, isn’t there a upside? The males will fuck females instead of each other.

In the real navy we said whatever the fuck we wanted to. It’s called banter. If you got offended, it meant you were a pussy. If you grassed, that’s it, grass is worse than being a cunt.


Navy always attracted the closet homosexuals I assumed. This twink I went to school with joined the navy and thought he was gonna be a seal (lol) because he was on the swim team. Everybody called him gay behind his back, and then of course after highschool his dad got arrested for child pornography.

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I was in 5.5 years and there’s only one I suspected of being gae. It was in basic, he wasn’t flamboyant or anything just a bit weird.

I worked with the RAF, they all called us navy bummers, and we called them crab walking cunts.

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Our enemies are laughing at us. The US will weaken and destroy itself without them ever firing a bullet.


Ha Navy, gayyyyy.

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I’m accepting of peoples’ preferred pronouns and gender identities but I get a bit bothered when it seems like my genuine consideration and respect aren’t enough, and they feel entitled to make me take what more or less amounts to a sensitivity class about their specific demographic.

Maybe I’m a dick.

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Is this the same US forces some of you guys think could beat China in a physical war lol

“How is that even considered an upside???”

-Most OG’ers

Easily. yes.

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Stay deluded!

What a joke. All the leaders of the axis of evil must be laughing their asses off at us.

Who is ex or current us forces? Is it true in your little handbook it says not to interact with British forces, especially drinking games

Sadly I believe it is an urban myth, though oral warnings were known to be given in Hong Kong.

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I am telling you… our run is over.

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