US Navy SEAL vs Philippine "Scout Rangers"

saw an episode of the new Discovery channel reality show 'Lone Target' - premise of the show is a former SEAL tries to outfox, outmaneuver, and outrun the best trackers from around the world

in this episode, the SEAL goes up against a squad of Scout Rangers from the Philippine Army Special Operations Command in the jungles of Luzon

no spoiler, just going to say I was VERY impressed with the Scout Rangers

the show, at least this episode (the only one I've seen - yet), I recommend

scout rangers are serious business, and is almost always at the forefront of any anti insurgency operation.

that said, the scout rangers were built for this type of scenario, chasing bandits and insurgents through the jungle


that was a good episode, might have to find more of these

scout ranger stories



CAMP TECSON, San Miguel, Bulacan, Philippines – Since its activation over six decades ago, the Army’s First Scout Ranger Regiment has continuously produced a long list of heroes.

Trained and organized by the late Gen. Rafael Ileto, the Rangers are the first elite military force in the country.

In 1955, Ileto rose to become the first commander of the striking force, which specializes in anti-guerrilla warfare.

Since the Hukbalahap campaigns in the 1950s, the “Musangs” (local term for Scout Rangers) had left an indelible mark in the Army’s operations.

Technical Sgt. Francisco Camacho and Corporal Weena Martillana were among those who emerged as legendary warriors during that time.

They were both awarded the Medal of Valor after a successful combat mission behind enemy lines, which killed a notorious Huk leader in December 1955.

In the 1970s, the Scout Rangers were deployed to participate in the government’s campaigns against the secessionist groups in Sulu where they found themselves in the thick of the fight.

During the Battle of Sibalu Hill on Nov. 26, 1972, the Scout Rangers proved their tenacity in combat as they seized the heavily fortified enemy camp together with a contingent of Marines.

In Central Mindanao, another group of Scout Rangers established themselves as a force to reckon with during a firefight with numerically superior enemy forces in 1974.  

Led by 2nd Lt. Evelio Pugna, a seven-man team of Scout Rangers engaged a hundred rebels in the marshes of Libungan town, Cotabato.

Through their exemplary skills in small-unit tactics, the “Black Panthers” killed more than 40 rebels in heavy fighting which raged for hours.

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glad you enjoyed

I could see by the way they conducted themselves that the Scout Rangers are the real deal jungle warriors