US Olympic Trials June 6 Any Info?

I've been checking around for a website that gives the tournament details for the Olympic Trials in San Jose, but have come up short.

Anybody have any of the logisitcal details besides the press release that says they will be in San Jose?

I'm looking to make travel reservations for air & hotel and would like to get into the hotel where most of the Judo people will be.


I am working on it as we speak and that is for a special on hotel car
rental. The tix for the event are being done by the San Jose Sports

I will find when they will be printed and mass produced this week.


Thanks Dave. I'm looking forward to these trials. The action should be awesome to watch!

ticket costs are gonna be $15 from what i understand. if i were you id call the SJ sports authority to get your reserved.
Leroy.. send me an email-- ive got a hotel deal for ya.

Hey Josh can I email you as well for a hotel deal. I remember you posting something in the past about a hotel that will be pretty close.

I thought the trials were on the 5th of June.

working on that as we speak and will have the info up here later today

U.S. Olympic Trials : Judo and Taekwondo-Single Session
San Jose State Event Center Arena, San Jose, CA
Sat, Jun 5, 2004 01:00 PMĀ

yea.. they are the 5th... saturday, not sunday the 6th.

family.. absolutley. send me an email and ill give you a listing of hotels nearby that are more reasonablly priced.

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The Olympic Team Trials for Judo and Taekowndo will be held June 5th at the San Jose State University Event Center in Jose, California. Those attending the trials are encouraged to use the Headquarters Hotel which is:

San Jose Marriott
301 South Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113
Voice: 408/280-1300
Fax: 408/278-4444

Menion the Judo/Taekwondo Olympic Team Trials to receive the rate of $79+Tax.

that price is actualy really good for san jose. the hotel is only about 4 blocks from campus as well. you wont find a better hotel price within the same distance.

The trials start in the morning though, so that means Friday night and Saturday night in a hotel, plus air ticket and renting a car really necessary?

very fucking funny

Seriously though, I guess I would want to explore the area if I went...I dunno.

Sothy, there is a LOT to explore around the Marriot and the SJS campus. There is a good light rail system downtown plus bus service, so a car is not really needed.

Plenty of great restaraunts and bars in the area to say the least.

Ben R.

I am just wondering if I have the cash to spare as I just moved back to Canada last month! Plus, Canada Day is a month later ;o)

Yeah, I can imagine that there is a lot to see, I haven't gone to California before!

The trials will actually start in the afternoon - Approx:1pm so the
morning this is not an issue. There are a couple of other options as
well but those are still getting worked on.


a rental car isnt necesary unless you really want to be adventerous and see the area.

there is even the caltrain serice that can take you to/from SF for about $10 roundtrip. if you stick to the downtown area and SF you can get around without a rental car.. might get a few taxi rides, but not too bad.

Thanks Josh......look for my email this wknd...