US Presidents

For those of you who don't already know several u.s.presidents were wrestlers.

I tried to link it for you but for some reason couldn't get it to work.

Alot of people are surprised to discover that Taft was a pretty fair wrestler but he was also a decent athlete in general dispite his size.

scuffler ,google" bloomington south wrestling club"For some reason I couldn't get the address to work.Abe Lincoln was consider second best at the time in southern illinois.He also had some street fights where his wrestling helped out.

Yeah Lincoln was a champ gouger in his day. From the research I did, he was a Rough and Tumble fighter. CACC's dirty ugly cousin. Washington was supposed to be a renowned Backhold wrestler.

Yeah i heard some President also had a special game that used the Medicine ball and throwing it over the net to get his staff into shape. For core strength training!

I dont know if he was a wrestler though?