USA bjj watered down?

why do i hear alot about bjj watered down in the usa especially in the midwest? i dont believe this but i hear it alot. what do yo think? how can this be prevented?

What's funny is Pancrase allows kicks to the face on the ground and stomps,therefore comparing NSAC rules to Pancrase rules would be inaccurate.

In my school we have point rolling, basically you lay in gaurd without actually rolling you just tell the guy the submission you were going to get on him and you get a point, wheover has the most points at the end of 5 minutes is the winner.

so are you saying MMA in the states is watered down? i believe not..

no, maybe some schools dont train as hard as others, but im hearing different. midwest has some good schools, and the states are the place to be for bjj. maybe thats just me

It is watered down, but so is Brazil.  I am a firm believer that it takes a year and a half to 2 years at least to get your next belt.  You may be able to tap all of your higher belt opponents but that does not mena that you know more than them.  A few years back there was a brown belt from Brazil that was here in the states that I could tap regularly, but he knew way more than I did and just because I could beat him rolling did not mean that I was brown belt level or "better" than him.

well that just goes with consistent training, as in everything else.

Our jiu-jitsu in the midwest is a direct imitation of what Brazilians do. Our
jiu-jitsu is watered down only if their's is. We certainly lack the number of
students and competitions that there are on the coasts or in Brazil, but
that does not affect what techniques and strategies are actually being

What's all this watered down stuff I keep hearing about? I spent at least couple years as a white belt, and that was coming into it with some wrestling background already. Then I spent about three years as a blue belt, and now I've been purple for almost three years, and I'm probably only roughly halfway to brown.

That could be the case and some instructors standards may be higher than others but physical advantages could also be the reason in some situations. If a powerful purple were able to tap Helio Gracie for instance, should he be ranked higher and should Helio be reduced to a purple? Of course not. As far as bjj being watered down in the usa, I think it depends on the school more than the country, as alot of cutting edge stuff is going on here if you go to a good place.

It used to be. I had trained in BJJ at a Royce school for two 1/2 years and NEVER was shown an umaplata. That was back around 1999 or so.
Now, you're here training for 3 months and you know it and a footlock from there.

The U.S.A. also has watered down kickboxing, boxing,
stickfighting, etc. That doesn't mean that we don't
have some of the top fighters in the world in each
area, though.

i knew how to spell omoplata at 6 months at least:)

get healthy mcleod, damnit

"Just because our school decided to replaced the live "rolling" aspect with kata practice, doesn't mean our BJJ is "watered down".
Besides, we have also been able to add stuff new stuff to our BJJ like nunchucks and TKD kicks."

After doing a 360 triple backwards upside-down radioactive monkey fyling scissor uber slap, you will then transition to a neat and tidy flying omaplata?

mrbartholet: there is the female and male versions of the move..uma and omoplata..geesh. Don't you know anything? :)

Does everyone in the world know I'm hurt?? :) I'll be back soon..I wanted to train today to see how it feels, but my first physical therapy appointment is I figured I'd wait till they looked at me.
It's driving me I can't lift right now other than chest..that sucks a&& also.
But I'm coming back soon.. won't be able to hold my guard shut, or sweep off of one side, or triangle one way, or sitout to someone's back... but I'll be there :)

lol at midwest jiujitsu being watered down.....yeah a bunch of farmer boys and wrestlers don't know how to work hard

if any thing there would be more watered down schools on the coasts because it has been there longer...

Untappable, I would have to go with more of "he was purple level" cause I am no Brown, I have been friends with browns, I am no brown. Thus my point about belts being watered down.

Back in the day it was more watered down than it is now. I have heard all the stories about holding back and not showing certain techniques. Eventually with better access to what was going on in Brazil, we realized that there is more technique than what was being brought over. More instructors started moving here and teaching these hidden moves. You hardly hear of any instructors hiding them anymore.

the reason that the level of USA BJJ is falling off is because the cool thing to do in the USA is get a purple belt and think ur the man and open your own school. Mean while, you really dont know shit, and in abt two years time, your students will have sucked you dry of everything you know. Then you have to start teaching stupid crap that doesnt work, and the watering down begins.......In BR, you go to an academy, and there are tons of people, at every level including BB. they stay with each other and train to get better, here everyone is trying to turn BJJ into the McDojo's that is every karate school out there. Yhis is a sport that you can neverstop learning, and as soon as you leave the nest to do it on ur own, now you are teaching, not learning, and you stop getting better.

MacacoLouco: How very true.

Halz: It's possible that the guy got his brown because he was good at competing. If you have one good game (one at which you just happen to be very hard to implement that game on), and that game keeps winning you 6 minute or 8 minute matches where you win on points, then when you finally run into that person it doesn't work on, you have to resort to something else. And you may only really be a blue or purple level in that type of game. See? Or if size matters... you may be brown level against other 170lbers, but a purple against 220lbers that are decent themselves. Like, I have no prob tapping out blues or some purples that are 50 lbs lighter than me, but put them heavier than me with a wrestling background? Different game. Sometimes ranks are given based on competition.