USA/MXCO Drugs, Illgl-Imgrtn, Economy, Politics...

Here it is.....THE TRUTH:

"Pres. Fox was too eager to impress Pres. Bush with his committment to the war on drugs. And in return for Fox's efforts, Pres. Bush was only pretending to do something about the estimated 1.5 million Mexicans who were crossing the border illegally every year, as part of the largest unforced folk migration in human history. Fox needed the migrants left alone because the money they sent back to their relatives was now the second largest component of Mexico's economy, estimated at 10 billion dollars a year.

But the largest component of Mexico's economy was still drug trafficking, estimated at fifty billion dollars a year, and here was Fox's dilemma. He needed to do something for Bush and he wanted to assert his authority against the cartels but the unfortunate fact was that his country was hooked on drug money. Without it there would be economic collapse.

There was demand just across the border that created 50 billion dollars in profit every year. Illegal narcotics was the third biggest industry in the world(after arms and oil) and the only conceivable obstacle to its profits---America legalizing drugs---was a political impossibility"----

Into the Lawless Heart of the Sierrra Madre

GOD'S MIDDLE FINGER---Richard Grant author