USA = Party's Over Fall of Rome???

not according to this guy.....American Dream BIG WIN!

"This Guy Arrived In The US With $26, Sold A Startup For Half A Billion, And Is Working On Another Cool Company"-----

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"Christian Gheorghe's life is a rags-to-riches story worthy of a Disney movie, and no one is more surprised, or grateful, than he is.
He arrived in the U.S. from Communist Romania in the early 1990s speaking no English, with $26 in his pocket. He lived in a youth hostel and drove a limo for a living."-----

"The trajectory of his life -- going from Communist Romania to the U.S. -- is truly remarkable. In Romania, he made his living selling music records and taught himself a little bit of English by listening to English music like Pink Floyd, he told Business Insider.

When he sold enough records, he bought himself a Commodore 64 knock-off PC, which cost the equivalent of a year's wages.-----

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"People asked me, are you crazy?" he laughs."------

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Awesome for that dude!

One man's success does not change your shit spiral trajectory though, sadly. Phone Post 3.0