USA Storm Sombo Team Grand Opening

The USA Storm Sombo Team will be opening for classes on January 18, 2005!  Classes will be from 6 - 8 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the wrestling room (#205) at Thomas Downey High School in Modesto, CA.  USA Storm is a non-profit athletic club under the AAU.  All participants must be a member of the AAU.  Visit for membership information.  The club will focus on techniques from Sombo, Judo, Freestyle Wrestling, Greco Roman, American "Folkstyle" Wrestling, BJJ, and Submission Grappling.  Monthly dues are $40 for adults, and $25 for children.  For more information, go to

Good luck Lance!!

Good luck Lance. We know you will be successful!


Good luck with the school! I may be out there visiting a judo buddy of mine later this year and will try to stop by. Do you know Tom Prata?

Thanks guys!  I was just at Tom's house last night.  We used to train together, and he is going to try to be there on opening night.