USA TODAY Tries To Understand Pedophiles!


The author of that is a pedo.

These weird Tik Tok kids will grow up and legalize or decriminalize pedophiles after The Great Reset.

America and other 1st world nations will be like Egypt and Rome.

Why? Just look at him.

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I like your style, IH. I would take a bit different, more lengthy approach. Placing them upside down on my 37 ton wood splitter which I’d lower inch by inch.


Crazy how everyone who predicted this pedo normalization bullshit was looked at like they were nuts even 5 years ago.


You don’t think it is here for the left ?

American Hero:

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btw what does USA Today think we are misunderstanding about pedophiles? They are by definition, sexually attracted to prepubescent children. What are we missing? What else are we supposed to understand?

Pedophilia leads to the death of whomever that child could have been. The death of their soul.
Thus, the death penalty is warranted