USA VS CANADA Nov 5th , Ottawa

I will be taking Team USA to ottawa Canada on November 5 th 2006 to take on Team Canada .

This is an amateur event promoted by Kickboxing Legend Jean-Yves Therialt .

All fights will under Full contact Kickboxing rules.

Here is TEAM USA:

Jarred Warren 150 lbs 13 fights Florida WAKO Bronze Medalist

Eric Reynolds 160 lbs 11 fights Florida WAKO Gold Medalist

John Gilliam 170 lbs 20 figthts LI,NY USKBA Gold Medalist

Kenny Lamb 175 lbs 5 fights LI ,NY USKBA Silver Medalist

Steven Castelli 150 lbs 11 fights Long island ,NY

  Coached by :  TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE

More information :

Web site :

TOMMY "BEE" BOTTONE Cell : 516-885-9239

Thank you,

Jean-Yves ia a great guy and puts alot of work into putting on a reaaly good show.

We are looking foward to some tough competition and a great trip.

He puts on a great show, good luck !

Thank you

any names from team Canada?