USA vs Mexico - CONCACAF Nations Final (today 9/6pm)

There we go


Now we are talking!

We have ourselves a game here boys.

Is that Reyna kid the brother of the Reyna that played for Team USA forever?

His son

Oh shit

He’s legit too. Tearing shit up for Borussia Dortmund.

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That was weird

Not looking good.

Horwath looked good against Switzerland last week

Less than ideal, but we’ve been dominating since that opening goal

Fucking soft ass pathetic defense

What a fucking game!


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Thus us awesome!

And tonight!

Lol Mexico fans and their gay ass puto chant

Keep it classy Mexican fans

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My God thus game!

Extra time!

I would honestly love to see the game
get postponed and played behind closed doors because of that. Mexico fans are so fucking retarded