USA vs Mexico - CONCACAF Nations Final (today 9/6pm)

Pretty awesome…love to see a new cast of characters on the squad…young too

Glad to see that last generation of players are gone

This team is so young and not even close to reaching their full potential.

Liking the grit and toughness from these kids: Pulisic, McKenny, Horvath, etc.

Future is indeed bright for the first time in a long time.

USA vs Costa Rica friendly on ESPN2 now…

Starting 11


4-0 USA win. Not an exciting game, but fun to see some of the other guys out there to assess their skills who are normally on the bench.

Reyna grabbed the ball for the penalty kick in the end and cooly scored the goal…definitely another young leader on the team. Future is looking good!

Is the A squad going to play against Jamaica?

I hope not…they need/deserve an extended rest after domestic play wrapped up. Games against Mexico should be the only exception.

Jaimiacia is the Women’s team…I’ll pass