USA Wrestling Coaches Syllabus Q

Does it show hip throws, inside/outside trips and foot sweeps?

Greco tapes have hip throws, freestyle/folkstyle tapes have trips, I don't think it has sweeps.


How many minutes does it spend on hip throws and trips?

You say "it" but from memory the first volume of the freestyle series does not show throws as such except
possibly as part of the basic skills and there are no trips or sweeps. The second volume is of course devoted to par terre.

The greco volume does I seem to recall show some basic throws but obviously no leg work.

You will need to go outside the syllabus for more extensive and detailed instruction. For example Van Arsdale on sweeps and Kendall Cross on the inside trip.

What do you mean by "par terre"?

Shit, trying to go off of memory...I'm at work.

If I recall correctly, the Freestyle Series finishes tape one with the double leg. The second tape covers more takedowns, I'm not so sure that par terre is covered. I will check when I get home.

However, like peterfield said...go outside of the syllabus. Get a tape that covers just that.

Par Terre is a term (French? Latin?) that is used when you are wrestling on the ground as opposed to standing.

par terre is latin for on ground.

"Par terre" is a French term, not a Latin one. But the word "terre" does come from the Latin word for ground which is "terra," IIRC.

So for in depth coverage of specific throws it would be best to go with a specialized tape instead of with the USA Wrestling Syllabus?

I'm wondering if this is because the Syllabus shows thorough instruction, but only covers a few throws; or if it is because it covers a lot of throws but with very basic instruction?

Augespicht- par terre, principally gut wrench and ankle lace are covered in the second volume not the second tape.

There are two volumes each for both freestyle and greco.

The freestyle tape vol 1 does not show throws as I mentioned above except in a very limited fashion to demonstrate some essential skills.