USB camera problem

My GF just bought a USB digital camera (Dolphin Jazz).

After installing the drivers and plugging in the camera, windows (ME) asks for various usb *.sys files which it cant find. Some i found on the Windows disk and others i have downloaded.

Everything seems to be going ok and the camera is installed. But when you try to open the portable usb drive. Windows then says it (the usb drive) needs to be formatted.

This didnt sound right, so i wrote to the manufacturer. They said to go ahead and format the drive. I tried and it just gives me an error saying the drive cannot be formatted.

I tried installing the camera on my comp (win ME) and it worked without a hitch, so the camera itself is ok.

My GF's computer is a fairly old (500mhz) el cheapo all in one motherboard. It didnt have USB ports, so i installed a PCI usb card.

Would the fact that its a PCI usb card cause any problems?

She has other usb peripherals that work ok, but this damn camera refuses to cooperate.

Thanks for any info.