USB hub question...I NEED HELP!!!!

Ok, i just got this new creative camera for my birthday and i'd already uploaded the drivers and everything else from the cd-rom given..

..Here's the problem,initially when i tried to plug in the usb cable, a window pops up saying that the hub does not have enough power available to operate the mass storage device.I clicked on 'yes' for recommendation and it asked me to disconnect the USB mass storage device from its current location, and then connect it to one of the unused ports highlighted in bold.....i tried to click on the bold type that says unused port but nothing happened..

..and then, i right clicked on 'my computer' and click on 'properties' to disable the USB mass storage device..again, i restarted my computer and this time there was no pop-ups but apparently the usb is still not 'connected' and the pics on my digi cam cant be accessed......

can any of you IT experts help an OG sista out???? PLEASE!!! thank you in advance :)

does the hub have its own power adapter (sounds like the hub is getting power from teh USB port which isnt that great, then it has other devices hooked up drawing more power)

if it dont have an adapter, return that hub and buy one with an adapter, that sounds like teh problem snowy

do you need the hub? Can it plug directly into the PC?

does it ask for a 2.0 usb device.

make sure that you post pix of yourself once you get it going.


I'm sorry to ask, when you say creative are you talking about the brand? I'm trying to figure out if this is a webcam camera or a digital camera. If it's a digital camera (actually maybe both types) does it have a plug where you can plug it into an outlet to power it? If so then have that plugged in so the camera can be getting power when it's used.

Basically what's going on is the camera (whatever type it is) is trying to draw it's power from the USB plug, this works for some smaller USB items, but not most larger ones. Now you do mention it's plugged into a hub, I have no clue if the hub only has the amount of power that the original USB port coming from the computer has, or if it gets multiplied so that each port on the hub carries that much power...I doubt it gets multiplied though, unless there's the option of plugging in a power supply (wall plug) to it. Check to see how else you can power the camera, either by plugging it in, or plugging in the USB hub (not all hubs have this option). Also, try plugging the camera directly into the USB plug on the motherboard and see if that helps.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more help but those are the first things I thought of when I read your post

i have this problem before with custoemrs

9/10 its cause it dont have a power adapter or the hub is just garabge