USB Switchblade + Hacksaw

Very, VERY cool programs to play with.

USB Switchblade

Basically, if a computer does not have autorun disabled on USB Keys = your shit is p4w3d.

Open ports, IP address, History, Imclients, IE Passwords, Cookies Product Keys

Autorun.inf enables a small program that takes about 20 seconds to collect all of the information.

The Hacksaw is much more devious.

The USB Hacksaw is an evolution of the popular USB Switchblade that uses a modified version of USBDumper, Blat, Stunnel, and Gmail to automatically infect Windows PCs with a payload that will retrieve documents from USB drives plugged into the target machine and securely transmit them to an email account.

If I ever get a large enough USB Key, I may end up making a "supertools" one that has a Windows 5-1 Install / Backtrack / Another Linux Live build / all these tools / plus windows tools like no other.

Should be fun.

btw: You can try to script whatever you want into this. Some peopel have some pretty mean payloads setup on these. Check it out at's forums.

Nice find. If you get the supertools USB key working, please post it here. Oh, and be sure to include Hiren's boot CD on the USB boot options.


IS U3 a new thing with USB drives?

Just watched the Video...that is impressive...

It mentions on the site that u can use a non-U3 flash drive using the Amish tool.

But it says of it:

'Amish's technique does not require a U3 compatible USB key and relies on social engineering to run the payload.'

What's the 'social engineering' aspect of using it??

Telling someone to click a file inside of it. social for it to be of real use...I might get a U3 drive to try this..