USC still hasnt impressed me

ive seen almost all of their games and they have still not impressed me. unfortunately i think OU is going to beat them by 10. Auburn got totally fucked, OU-Auburn would be a great game. I guess i'll have to hop on that fucking trojan bandwagon for 1 game because I dont want gooner nation getting another championship.

"ive seen almost all of their games and they have still not impressed me."

I've seen 7 or 8 of their games, and they're impressive IMO. But not "No.1" impressive.

"Auburn got totally fucked"

Yep. Hard too, with no lube and a sandpaper condom.

Should be OU-Auburn IMO.

agreed, they ARE impressive but not the clear cut number 1 team in the nation by any means, they shouldnt get the free pass of not having to worry about not going to the orange bowl

All three teams deserve a chance at the championship, but I think Auburn and USC are better than OU.

i gotta go with OU as number one and how the HELL auburn got booted is beyond me ...oh oh wait a min its the BCS CRAP RIGHT ......I t will be the day when they actaully (whoever the hell the powers that be are) will finally step down n say ...

"HEY !! WE GONNA HAVE 2 TEAMS GO at it by process of elimination (playoff brackets -GEE WHAT A CONCEPT!) to determine the national champions --not this share the championship doohickey doodle dee dum BS crap"

but for some idiots it just makes too much sense to do that

usc=#3 IMO

If there were a playoff USC would have to beat both #3 Auburn and #2 OU for the national championship.

wouldnt USC play the 4 seed first?

Yeah, at first---or the #8 seed if they took that many. But they wouldn't play both the 2 and 3 seeds in any scenario.

This system is stupid. If they're not going to implement some type of playoff, they may as well go back to the traditional bowl matchups.

only a couple of weeks until we see the national champion. USC vs. Oklahoma is gonna be a great game.

Only time will tell.

OU is gonna get rocked....bad

shame on all you SC haters, you were the same fucks saying last year that SC should have been left out of the sugar bowl

By the computer rankings the SEC was one of the worst conferences this year and Auburn is not that good

"By the computer rankings the SEC was one of the worst conferences this year"

Source? First I've heard of that.

oops, shadetree is correct.

Sooners are going to kill them. It isn't going to be a very good game.


Hmmm, except the Notre Dame game SC run defense was holding teams below 70 yrs per game. It will be interesting to see if they can contain Peterson.

what holding teams in the PAC 10 to 70 yards rushing? you must be kidding!!!!

USC will beat the Sooners by 10 points at least...

Btw, the Pitt Panthers are the biggest disgrace in BCS history.

Every Pac-10 team averaged over 75 yrs per game :)
UCLA averaged 190 ypg and only gained 17 yrs vs USC.
JJ Arrington from Cal had more yrd than Peterson.

lol shadtree when the panthers beat utah will you still believe that?