USC...Wins National Championship

That was an ass whipping...As i said before they are the best team i have seen all year....Congrats to SouthernCal fans out there( im certainly not one).

Congrats to USC. THe best team I've seen all year

there is no such thing as a national champion in the ncaa div 1.

I agree Warfrog.Lets hope the geniuses of the Bcs can swallow their pride and implement a playoff system

Ohio State beat K-State who beat both Oklahoma and California who beat both USC and VTech who beat Miami who beat FSU who beat Florida who beat LSU who beat Georgia who beat Purdue who beat Iowa who beat Michigan who beat Ohio State.

I like how Ohio St hired a Hooker to seduce Roberson,which in turn corrupted his team mentally..It was a great game plan by O State

You're lame shadetree.

That "hooker" was a 22 year old K-State alumna who was a personal friend of Ell Roberson.

PS It's hard to get seduced when you're in bed by 11pm.

Dont take everything so serious dude...Qhio St. played good, but you cant say that Disstraction helped K state..
Ohio St finally showed an offense, which is a big step for them.

Because the Maurice Clarett distraction didn't affect the Buckeyes??


lol @ the "who beat who beat who beat" horsecrap. Thanks for trying out. Don't call us, we'll call you.

USC wins a share of the National Championship, nothing more. Plus the BCS champ gets the real trophy.

Don't hate me, hate the BCS.