Use it or lose it.

This saying really applies to so many different things. Went running today for the first time in months. Dragged my ass on the slowest mile i've ran in years. Definitely feels good to finally get back out there and move again. Not gonna let so much time go by in the future unless it's unavoidable due to injury. Now i just gotta brush up on all those academic skills i forgot.hah

So this is not about your cock Floppy?

I hear u man...I year or 2 ago I had gotten up to 5 1/2 miles in a hour, which I believe was pretty good.I'm 6" 4 and weigh about 280 I was pretty happy with schedule had changed drastically at work along with finishing up some classes and it was just exhausting me....i went running and barely finished 3 1/2 miles in just 50 min but I feel good about getting up and running again. Phone Post 3.0

Judging by your join date you're at least 60 years old.  You should probably stick to exercise that is low impact on your joints grandpa.  And start doing sudoku puzzles before dementia/alzheimers sets in.

Lol, and good work behemoth! I've got enough nagging injuries to deal with to where i think i'm gonna keep it at a couple miles for a long while. Slow pace, try and jog tall and be conscious of my core. Would vote all you guys up, but apparently there's a shortage and they have a limit of 50 thati can burn through in a 24 hr period. :/ Fucked up thing i've noticed from jogging today is twice so far i've seen stars. Bending over to rinse my mouth while brushing teeth and again just a few mins ago getting a drink from water fountain. Got lightheaded briefly while rinsing but not a few mins ago. Gonna have to keep my eye on that. Anyways, this newly rekindled passion should help me stay away from the tobacco too! Yaaaaaaay! And the blood should flow more freely to my cock as well. Yaaaaaaaaaay!! Great news, right MediumRare?!? Lol

you should run commando next about floppycock

I'm up to thinking about running everyday now, which is much better than last month's thinking about running every once a week or so. Almost there...