USE was a great event

Just wanted to say that if you skipped out on the ultimate submission experience, you really missed out. It was sort of poorly run and everyone was crowded into a pretty small place...but for a first big tournament in Utah it went really, really well. Lots of cool guys competing as well. I was all around satisfied with the day....even though I lost.

And the proceeds go to sub-for Santa. Brandon Ruiz popped the idea that we make it a yearly event and call it "Sub for Santa."

Forgive him for the pun . . . he's been a little under the weather lately. :)

Sweet. Who kicked ass?


Flyweight Beginners: Chad Carter

Lightweight Beginners: Robert Aviles

Middleweight Beginners: Ben Walden

Lt. Heavyweight Beginners: Dennis Dagloria

Heavyweight Beginners: Zack Barlow

Super Heavyweight Beginners: Vaas Van Zyuerden

Flyweight Intermediate: David Bubel

Lightweight Intermediate: Mitch Coates

Middleweight Intermediate: Steve Sharp

Heavyweight Intermediate: Dave Seljestad

Lightweight Advanced: Richard Lundell

Middleweight Advanced: Sanford Robinson

Light Heavyweight Advanced: Anthony Lobato

Heavyweight Advanced: Justin Ellison

Super Heavyweight Advanced: Brandon Ruiz

Absolute Champion: Brandon Ruiz

85 total competitors and a few hundred spectators made it an awesome event. Congrats to everyone that participated.

Yeah Its pretty cool we finally had a sub tournament. I heard their will be another one in march at Rich Layton's place can anyone confirm this. Any info on weight classes and entry to this rumored tournament would be great.

I haven't heard about Riche's but there is a rumor that there will be mini-tournaments on Saturdays (as in "every")at the UCTC in the nea future.

Cool keep us updated DJ

I'll try. IT came from Phil Henderson (of Slam Inc.)

WOW. I can't believe how nice that would be.