Used a Trained Martial Arts Move In Street Fight?

In for stories of judo throws in public, TKD kicks, wrestling slams through coffee tables, etc. Phone Post 3.0

A RNC!! A big ego guy at my work said he would easily get out of my RNC let me sink it in and all.. Needless to say I choked that guy! Phone Post 3.0

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blue please.

I once saw a junkie hounding this dude for change at a MAX station in Portland. Dude started throwing what I assume to be flashy TKD kicks into the air like 'don't fuck with me, see what I can do'. Junkie took it as a challenge and started throwing his own sloppy imitation kicks of what he just saw. They squared up, more crazy spin kicks that didn't land, then both walked away. One of the strangest things I've ever seen. Phone Post 3.0

When I was bouncing (many many years ago in college), my go to move was a standing arm a short guy, that move is great because you can pop up under their arm, lock it in and wherever it goes from there, as long as you hold on for dear life it will eventually get them out...I had a big dude swinging me around as I held on to him like my life depended on it (it may have) and eventually I got my weight going i the right direction to get him to the ground and end it. 

I also pulled off a beautiful textbook Crippler Crossface...(it was actually an old Silat takedown/lock)...guy rushed me and I spun him down and locked him up. 


Second year in university, one of my housemates came home drunk and was looking for trouble. Came into my room while I was doing homework and started smacking me around, trying to start something. The guy was 6'2"-ish, 210ish, hockey player and I'm about 5'8", 160 soaking wet, fucking computer nerd, so I think I looked like any easy scruff.

I didn't really want to play around, just wanted to end it decisively. Power slammed the guy through my bed. He got up, "holy shit" and then left.

Hah hah hah, BEEEEEEP. True story though.

45 days ago: MT clinch. Just like trained: weighted hard, step here, step there, redirect then pulled to the ground into knee on belly. Slipped around into S mount with top arm control. Waited for the cops to show. No punches thrown by me. I was actually a little surprised it went so well. Phone Post 3.0

mcq - 45 days ago: MT clinch. Just like trained: weighted hard, step here, step there, redirect then pulled to the ground into knee on belly. Slipped around into S mount with top arm control. Waited for the cops to show. No punches thrown by me. I was actually a little surprised it went so well. Phone Post 3.0

Well done. Cool stories guys, I guess I should have titled this 'done in self defense situations'; I don't expect UGers to be attacking fools with omaplatas and such. Just interested in seeing what proved useful in real unarmed defense situations.

Unless you're trained in stick fighting and had to defend your family or something....

I've never been in a street fight but I'm hoping boxing has taught me to not panic when getting hit, most important thing I feel I walked away with.

Harah's casino, mardi gras, 2009. My girl at the time and I got separated in one of the aisles and a guy puts his hands on the lower back of my girlfriend and starts trying to feel her up.

I shouted, get your fucking hands off her.

he bum rushed me and I pushed him back..he then came swinging with the classic right hook and I:

1. ducked under
2. Double leg and lifted
3. slammed him to the concrete
4. immediate knee on chest with neck and wrist control.
5. hesitated at that point..had the instinct to rain down punches, but i hestitated because i knew i would do serious damage with his head against the concrete.
6. due to the hesitation he was able to scramble and get out from under the knee on chest.
7. about 10 HUGE black guys (security) jumped on us and broke it up.

anti-climatic ending i know, but the duck-under, double leg, slam and knee on chest was textbook!

In for later Phone Post 3.0

Tani Otoshi from behind with a seatbelt grip puts you in a very nice position for punishing your opponent.

Ju jitsu finger lock and I guy grabbed me, I got hold of his ponytail and used it to throw him over a table.    


Both in the same incident, two guys at once.

About a year and a half ago I was separating some people in a fight at my lightrail stop. Had a guy grab my arm to yank me around to face him. Flowed into shihonage but lost his grip and went into a sankyo wrist lock and dragged him into a nikyo pin (aikido techniques). This was cool for me because both shihonage and sankyo are techniques I've trained for years but never thought they would work like they did outside the dojo.

Many years ago I used basic judo teachings (only trained for about a year, I'm no judo expert) in my doorman job and it allowed me to keep people close, lock in some sort of clinch, drag (rarely throw) them down and then eject with my coworkers.

Love TMA and don't understand the hate they get from some who are all about mixed training being the only way to go. Phone Post 3.0

Used a sumi gaeshi to transition to a kesa gatame.

Had a guy road rage me in a parking lot, he pulled a small knife and when he stepped in I threw the hardest leg kick I have ever thrown. His leg came out from under him and he landed hard. I left the guy on the ground moaning in pain.

Guy at a Halloween party threw a drink on a girl I had known for years, tried making him and his buddies leave then they all started pushing and shoving then he took a swing at me and I hit him with about 6 straights baroni/menne, chuck/Tito style. He was out against the wall Phone Post 3.0

i have put two people to sleep with a rnc...both times i used a trip to set it up.

Guy swung for me. I stepped back and did ko-uchi-gari. Its a judo foot sweep. He hit the ground and it was all over. Didn't even have to throw a punch. Phone Post 3.0

RNC's...standing guillotines, with the gable grip, him cranked against the wall (see: Braga/Horn, Jones/Machida)

Like Ryan, love the standing arm triangle...great as a restraint hold, while you try to vocally end the issue...but easy to trip into side control and finish the choke, if need be...I use it to this day if I have to step into a situation that's crossed into physical...

More double leg slams into mount or side than I can count, lol...but, started wrestling in 3rd grade, so it's instinct...

Triangled a Sigma Nu my junior year in college during an intramural flag football game in '98...he decided to tackle me, then attempt to hold me down and talk shit...

Several kimuras and americanas...primarily just as restraint holds...

Thai kicked a guy's lead leg once as he was jawing and threatening...he decided it was best to move on...

A few various Koshi Waza hip tosses...

And, of course, your standard assortment of rock 'em, sock 'em punches, kicks, elbows and knees...