Used car advice: Acura or Lincoln?

I'm considering buying a used car in couple of months when my lease is up.

I was looking to spend 15-18k for a 2000-2001 Acura CL or TL with about 50K miles. Or maybe a Honda Accord LX V6 if I couldn't find a good deal.

While doing research I noticed a few 2000 Lincoln LS's in my price range. I've always been drawn to big powerful rear wheel drive american sedans, especially after driving around for 3 years in a little tin box powered by hamsters.

If I buy a 2000 LS what kind of trouble could I expect? I'm not really into cars or savy about mechanical problems. I've seen that Lincoln has a pretty good reliablity rating, but is that the whole story?

I do want a realiable car. Could I expect the LS to stay in reasonably good shape for say 4-5 years?

The LS is build on a relitively new platform, and the 3.9 v8 is a very good engine. However, Acura is tops in terms of reliability.

The Lincoln is very good and the Acura is great, in a nutshell.


Thanks guys. Homie does actually speak to my fear that in 2-3 years the Lincoln would 'implode', while the Acura is pretty much known to be super reliable.

I can deal with small problems, but what sort major repairs might an LS require after 5-6 years?

I've driven a tl-typeS and I absolutely loved it. The manushift is a blast and the 260hp engine and great handling dynamics make it a blast to drive. Performance aside the ergonomics are great, especially the seats...very very comfy. I haven't driven an LS so I can't comment.

Isn't the LS fwd (with Formula 1 inspired suspension lol)? Either way they're both big fwd turds. But the Acura will definately be more problem free.

I have a 2002 LS V8...great car, lots of fun to drive--I chose it over a used 5 series if that's any indication. I would say the LS is about 90% of the car the 5 series is--and let's face it, for MOST of us that extra handling, etc, is not going to be an issue.

For 15K less than a used 540 I got a 265hp engine with something like 240 ft/lbs of torque. It also comes with Lincoln's version of the auto shifter, which is pretty cool. Newer models offer more hp (280ish) but are not as purty IMO.

I've owned Fords before, I drove a 1991 T-bird into the ground...I mean I beat the SHIT out of that car. IIRC it died around 180K miles, the tranny went and it didn't make sense to fix the thing.

Thanks to everyone who answered . . .

Ending up finding a blue 2001 LS with 55,000 miles for 18k, had it for about a month.

I love this car as if it were a person! Fun to drive, handles so well for a large car, and its a damn attractive car too!

It's a bit thirsty, but I like it so much I don't care . . . last night as I was dumping $35 into the tank I started petting the car and thinking "you have all you want."