Used car prices are crazy right now

There is some shortage of electronics right now that is affecting the auto market.

This gas issue is going to see some hilarious shit happen with all the dealers that increased the prices of their aged inventory by thousands.

All these luxury vehicles that get poor MPG that dealers had on their lot for 76 days and adjusted by 4 grand. Oh, you couldn’t sell it at your original listed price because of the market adjusting? People are putting gas in trash bags. Have fun taking your L at Manheim. lol

Lol i thought this was a spin

Nah, I am just looking through AutoList and seeing vehicle after vehicle already there a long time adjusted by thousands in the past 60 days. Almost all of them get awful MPG. They played themselves.

Exactly I saw a 16 Mustang GT jump up from 33K to 37K. I thought maybe it was different one, nope it was the same one. There are 2019 VW Golf Rs going for more than new right now. It’s crazy out there right now.

What’s the range on a bolt? I know when the volt came out it only had like a 40 mile range. Has Chevy improved the range on their electrics?

Shit like this is hilarious. You couldn’t sell it for 133 days and raise the price because the market is driving it and now losers are putting gas in storage bin containers while your aged inventory gets 20 MPG combined. Good luck. lol

Make it a game. Pull up random vehicles locally from this site. Pick a wide range of luxury to semi luxury vehicles (top trims of non-luxury brands) that are a V6, a V6 turbo, or a V8. Pick a wide price range, like anywhere from 20K to 50K. Look at all of them that raised the price because they claim the market dictates it. Look at how many of them have already been there for months and they couldn’t sell it yet raised the price thousands because of greed. Now we have a gas crisis. Economy vehicles will have no issue selling but dealers are going to have a serious issue with these vehicles, especially midsized 3rd row SUVs. There will be great deals in a few months instead of them taking advantage of the customers. Fuck em.


i despise the over reliance on “chips”/ Computers/ Software modern cars all have

causes more problems without really solving any

what is the need for a push start option? what advantage does a push start/ key FOB have over a standard mechanical key in the ignition?

you still have to push the button, so you dont eliminate the need to turn a key

you now have more risk to leave the car running, the Key FOB inside your car, leaving it at risk for theft

my wife’s car FOB stopped working out of nowhere…batteries were knew, and it turned out there was some glitch in the software update that fucked things up
WTF?!?! that is unacceptable to be unable to start your car because of a software issue

Selling slowly This car has been on the market a long time or this type of vehicle is slow to sell. You may be able to negotiate a lower price!

106 days on CarGurus

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Price increased by $1,250









Month 4, the geniuses raised it 1500. I have been watching this vehicle, waiting until it got to 30k to buy.

Best time to buy a car was exactly last year during the peak of the pandemic. The car that I purchased last year is now $4000-$5000 more now.

Why not just buy a new car ? I’m confused

Just picked up a year old Lexus and felt like I was paying too much. Checked the prices from last year for the same model, average was about $5K less. But the price I paid is what they are going for everywhere right now, so what can you do…

250ish miles

5 yrs ago

Everything is getting more expensive at an increasingly rapid rate. Houses, vehicles, gas, daily stuff. Almost feels like…inflation.

Our purchasing power is decreasing.

The country has printed too much money and continues doing so. Many more proposals coming up from the Dems to increase spending even further, should be fun.

What you don’t realize is that auction prices are about equal to and on some cars above retail prices at the moment. The chip shortage is real. Some Dealers who normally have 600 new cars on the ground have less than 60. They will pay anything at auction to have cars to sell. It’s a very unique situation that has never occurred before. Government handing out free money. Inflation. Chip shortage. Leads to crazy times.

You can still find a good deal used with what you mentioned but much harder than normal. I sent 12 retail cars to the auction and made $34k on them. I had them all listed at a loss retail online.

Dealers that desperately need cars are hoping to make up for it with finance, warranties etc. there is 0 price gouging going on because the wholesale values have gone past crazy and into insane levels.

I sold a gas hog V8 Yukon at auction for $6k over my retail price as an example. Gas is not in the equation yet because of how desperate the situation is. It will hit dealers hard around sept-nov as new car inventory starts to arrive. Until then it’s madness.