Used car prices are crazy right now

Specific vehicles that have a cultish following have values that aren’t measured in a typical manner. KBB and whatnot don’t apply to them.


Well that’s the problem

Yes I can see it now once the used car prices come down we’re going to see a lot of upside down loans in the next 2-3 years. People who over paid now will find out when they try to trade their cars in 2-3 years. This crazy over prices won’t last forever.

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I don’t see how prices can stabilize anytime soon with a lack of new cars being made and choice off-lease vehicles being kept instead of replenishing the CPO market. Even shitboxes are more expensive. It isn’t good.

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Weird times my dudes.
I buy cars daily from the auction on average 5 per day.
Some cars are not selling at all others are selling over retail value thats before auction fees and transport.
Crazy stuff.

Im talking normal cars here chevy cruzes/civics/mazdas cx5’s ect…

Do you have a used car lot ?
Or a curber? ( selling multiple cars from home)

I’ve been to a couple auctions but never bought, there seemed to be decent deals though

Just bought a brand new Rav4 for 34k. Had to order it in and it will take a month to get here. The used Rav4’s they had on the lot were 38k! So I asked why in the hell is a used one 4k more than a brand new one? His answer: Because these cars are available now.

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I just wonder if a month is realistic or you might actually be waiting 2-3 months?

Wouldn’t surprise me if it took that long. We’ll see

Manage a major dealership in eastern canada.

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