Used cars, rentals, rental cars are gold here

This is a really weird world now here in Hawaii. You can rent a piece of shit car for $100 to $200 a day, up to $500 for a truck if it has a flip tent on top. Some guys at Jiu Jitsu tell me they know guys making 8k a month renting cars.

There are no good rental studios or 1 bedrooms. There are only a few small dumps for rent for 1300 and up.

My step son doesn’t use his tundra anymore and it is a piece of shit. I told him to list it for 10k because there are so few trucks available.

Even fucking mountain bikes are expensive


After Covid the car companies sold all their cars or moved them to the mainland, they didn’t prepare for the surge in tourist.

The used car thing is the same thing as the mainland. But worse. I was thinking of selling my Tacoma for 20k instead of fixing all this shit.

Rentals are always scarce but supply might be take up by squatters. People whine about greedy landlords practicing capitalism

Housing everywhere is out of control.

No one can afford a place and those who can and buy other places are charging more than people can afford.

At some point it is going to collapse.

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I think the house prices will go down but I don’t think rent will go down much because we are so supply limited. I am helping my wife make an apartment under her house for her kids

Dave Garcia(AgedCaviar) use to be a coach of mine years back. A good guy but moved out that way some years back. Don’t know if he still posts or not. Might be able to ask him if he’s still around.

I trained with him too, good Judo guy