Used game revolution?

This is a genuine question, and I'm curious to hear opinions on it.

I have gamefly. Lately I've been noticing that game prices dramatically within a year of release. Bioshoke infinite is like $12 used on gamefly right now.

I can't remember a time before now that games lost value so quickly after a release. Is this a symptom of the new system releases? Or caused by the overflow of new games yearly? Or is it simply something I'm not aware of? Phone Post 3.0


Going back generations you couldn't get most multiplatform games on PC for $5-19.99 on Steam. I'm pretty sure PSN/Live has good deals too on games.

There's a lot more gamers now than in previous generations so there's more disc copies of games floating around. GTA5 is already $30-35 new if you look.

GTA5 has sold 29 million copies so far. A Link to the Past on SNES sold 4 million. Phone Post 3.0

The new systems release has actually driven up quite a few used game prices, many of the year 1-2 releases sitting at around $40 now. The prices have dropped to 10-20 in a year for every single game since the dawn of this generation, I've bought three games new, FO3, Skyrim and FONV, and own well over 80 and never spent more than $20 on any others.