Used mats?

Looking for used mats (well, cheap actually) for a friend.

Preferably someplace on the east coast so as to minimize shipping costs (going to the Caribbean)

60m2 (650 sq feet).

Anyone know of anyone, or of a re-seller of some sort?

Call the grappling competitions in the SE. Many of them sell their mats after competitions or at the end of the year. Phone Post 3.0

Or, failing that, can any one link me to a site/video where they make their own mats out of crushed up tires? I've seen the gracie make a mat video, but would like to give this guy some more options.


SC -- do they really? Wow!

Will google grappling organizations. In the meantime, anyone got a list or some suggestions?


Maybe check the local high schools. See if they have any used wrestling mats they want to get rid of Phone Post 3.0