Useless/Kbreezy to sign autographs

On Friday June 18th Kyle Bradley and the UG's own Useless will be at Keylargo in Las Vegas signing autographs for all fight fans! This will be your opportunity to meet two of the most famous fighters to ever grace the UG. They will be at Keylargo starting at 9 a.m. don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

really? send me a plane ticket and some spending money and I am there.

Don't act like you didn't know!

dont forget the egg salad

we will have eggsalad and $2 hamburgers!


I was wondering if the xtreme fight club belt will be on display there. If so, I am there.

It will be on display, you can look at it for $1 and take a picture with it for $3, or you can take advantage of our supersavers deal and take a picture with the belt and Kyle and look at the belt all you want for $4.


Any truth to the rumor the next xtreme fight club card will consist of a 4 man tourney with Hughes, Penn, Sherk,& Sakurai with the winner getting a shot at the coveted fight club belt held by Kyle Bradley?